What’s the fastest way to launch toys off of shelves and into the hands of eager, impressionable young consumers? Turning your toy franchise into a major motion picture, of course! Join Ben Paddon and Molly Alice Hoy as they boldly venture into the realm of “toyetic” cinema — movies that were conceived and produced solely to promote toys — and subject these glorified, feature-length commercials to a level of critical analysis that they were never intended to withstand.

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Who Are We?

Ben Paddon is a writer, comedian and internet person living in Los Angeles. As well as this, Ben is the creator of PortsCenter, and co-wrote the 2008-09 YouTube sensation Boomer’s Day Off. He’s the British one.

Molly Alice Hoy is an LA-based indie illustrator, comic artist, and Good Friend who lets Ben record things in her living room all the time.

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